Best Apps for Exercise Tracking

By Marcus Vinicius Vilkas de Aguiar

Maintaining a healthy life is not easy for everyone. Running, exercising or even dieting is often painful for most people. But with a little help from these apps, maybe your motivation to play a sport will increase, as will the efficiency of the sports you practice.

A good physical activity routine can improve your health and even your mood. Many people, however, prefer to use excuses such as lack of time and overwork to postpone the decision to do something to have a healthier life. What few people know is that there are applications made just to help in these cases. Once installed on your gadget they will help you create an activity routine that adapts to your daily life while tracking your exercise.

 Jefit Pro

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, or even just grow a little, Jefit was made for you. It is an application that has several pre-established physical activity routines for you to follow, and you can create your own list, with the help of a table that has more than 500 exercises. With a simple interface, Jefit should be synchronized with the website: so that you can monitor your results. The application is available, in its free version, for iOS and Android systems. There is even a Pro version of the app, which costs 5 dollars.




RunKeeper does much more than just motivate. It lets you customize a new racing routine and lets you track your daily progress. What's more, it has connectivity to Bluetooth monitors, for better monitoring of your heart rate. In addition to adapting to different types of exercises, its focus is on running, and through it you can improve your training, following the distances covered on each path, it also issues a voice alert, which calculates distance and speed covered, using a GPS, every 5 min of activity.

He works like a great trainer, who accompanies you all the way. Another advantage of the App is that it connects with your music player and lets you listen to your music while running. Your results can also be shared on your social networks. The app is free for Android and iOS.



Nike Training Club

This exercise tracking app is suitable for those who are just starting their activities routine or even for those who are already veterans. Nike Training Club works as a personal trainer, helping you to reach your goal, which can be, get healthier, lose weight, or gain muscle mass. It was developed by the team at Nike and provides video or audio guides with detailed instructions for the exercises to follow. Like the other apps, it can be customized and customized according to your goals, and even lets you share your results on your social networks. The app is only available for iOS.




The difference with this app is that in addition to tracking your progress in real time, you can also manually add exercises you did while you weren't using the app. With it you can map your workouts and routes through the GPS and it even provides data on distance, calories used, time, altitude and pace. Just like the other Apps on the list, you can track your performance on the app's website and share it on your social networks, increasing your motivation and motivating others to exercise. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.



Runtastic Sit-Ups

As the name already indicates, this App is from the same manufacturers as the app above, the purpose of Sit-Ups however, is different. The purpose of the tool is to monitor and encourage your abdominal exercises. It can be configured according to levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The daily series of sit-ups that you do, are suggested by the app or can be customized by yourself, and the numbers and results are automatically transferred to your Runtastic page, and can also be shared by you on your social networks. You can download the app to your Android phone or iPhone.




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